Path in cement forest

Project Type: Multifunctional complex

Location: Ferrocarril de Quernavaca, Mexico City, Mexico

Status: Idea

The project develops along 12 neighborhoods of Mexico City that are very different and heterogeneous in terms of social classes, functions and qualities

The aim is to better connect the commercial districts to the residential ones, through a continuous path between the different activities and designed for the different hours of the day that develops throughout our building for a length of about 500 m. In the southern part, the project creates a screen towards the elevated primary road, to open up more with the whole facade to the north, towards the garden.

The vegetation and functions have been studied according to the area, the landscape is connected through a timely intervention that is developed to improve those abandoned points of the city below the primary roads and connect to the linear park 'Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca'.