Project Type: Skyscraper

Location: Zona Garibaldi, Milan, Italy

Status: Idea

The skyscraper is located in the center of the Garibaldi Area. 300m high, surpassing the tallest skyscraper in the city by 100m. Being in the center of the area, the circle was chosen as the base geometry. The building shows itself to the area at 360 °. What makes this skyscraper unique is its interior space. It has a structure with a diffuse perimeter central core, a free plan that offers the possibility to obtaining an empty space in the center, such as a 20 floors high corridor, an offices

auditorium at 100m or double-height offices. Inside, there are 3 floors high common areas with trees. Every common area is oriented in different direction so that offers the possibility to see the city from every angle.