Azure farmstead

Project Type: Residential area

Location: Shankarpally, Hyderabad, India

Status: Proposal

Today, remoteness is getting more desirable among people, but what if the remoteness occurs in the garden of heavenwith a swimming pool, in complete unity with nature? The answer to this question is the unique project of Tripura incollaboration with the Italian Designers from the Elyssium Studios – Azure Farmstead. The project includes 223 houses,sur

each surrounded by emerald green gardens. Even the ancient Romans gravitated towards nature, so they hid gardens in the courtyards of their villas. In Azure Farmstead, on the contrary - the gardens arm the villas, allowing you to spend here an unforgettable vacation from the world of vanity. Thanks to perfectly matched materials and colors, houses seemto merge with nature, becoming a part of it. The Designers were able to combine the age-old traditions of the Vaastuwith technolog

with modern technology, creating a unique smart layout. The noise of the city, constant worries, and chaos turn here into a distant mirage. We have created for you your island of peace and comfort, your planet with evergreen gardens.

Scheme 1

Initial housing module

Scheme 2

Separation of sleeping area and living area

Scheme 3

Opening of the house to the garden and protection of passage areas