Containers Village

Project Type: Multifunctional

Location: Atxuri district, Bilbao, Spain

Status: Concept

The complex regeneration interventions that have affected Bilbao since the 1990s, in particular the interventions of the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry, were aimed at redeveloping the extensive industrial and port areas along the Ner-viòn But while in the north the interventions are still proceeding, albeit slowly, in the south the riverside found the Ribera Market and the Atxturi Station behind it (with an adjoining railway line) which prevented any further extension.

The intervention is based on the history of Bilbao itself: materials, elements, and shapes have been taken from the industrial past of the city, such as Corten steel developed for the railway industry, cargo containers or cranes used in the fields port, and reworked to build a "grammar" and with it compose the various "nodes" of the new riverfront, such as the station; the art gallery; the tower-walkway; and the Miraflores Park.